Friday, September 16, 2005

Jim & Ione Paul are alive!

I have confirmed that Jim & Ione Paul are alive after a long &
hazardous 2 - 3 weeks.

They are indeed in Lafayette, LA renting an apartment.

Their homes are no longer livable, but they are alive.

Thanks for all the comforting help you have given me.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Kasia Strong

Hey!!! Anyone out there?? I'm so worried! CALL ME ! ! WRITE ME ! !
Please try to reach me as I've been unable to contact anyone down there, and you guys are scaring me!
I pray you are ALL safe and hope to hear from you soon.

Ione & Jim Paul

Ione & Jim Paul 208 Brookhaven Ct. Slidell, LA 70461-3400 (985-645-8634)

Ione is 80 years old with parkinson's disease. Jim worked offshore but they usually were brought home before a hurricane.

Pat Pryor

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Remember the pets . . . . . . . .

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bernice Cordova, Mary Barber, Bonnie and Lou Wattingly

Please contact me if you are OK or know how the people below are:
Bernice Cordova from Marrero, La.
Mary Barber from Gretna, La.
Bonnie and Lou Wattingly from Gretna, La.

I am Sherry Varns and I am fine and in Hollister, M

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wendy Van Dyke

Gracie Claus would like to know if Wendy Van Dyke, her daughters and husband are all right. Wendy is in the military in the Gulfport area.

Please send email to if you know of their location.

Alacia Marie Kyzar and Ricky Lynn Kyzar, Jr.

I am writing for my sister and brother-in-law, Claudia and Ricky Kyzar. They have not heard anything from their grandchildren since the hurricane. These children were believed to be living in or around Biloxi, Mississippi with their mother at the time of the hurricane. Their names are Alacia Marie Kyzar and Ricky Lynn Kyzar, Jr. Their mother's name is Ann Marie, unsure of last name at this time, maiden name is Williams. I would appreciate any information regarding these children. My sister and her husband are over-the-road truck drivers and it is difficult for them to receive information. They are extremely worried about their grandchildren.

My information is below and I want to thank you for any help you might be able to provide at this time. Please respond to the email address below as this one is my husband's and I do not use it often.

Thank you,

Darlene Owens
Trinidad, CO 81082

Phone: 719-846-7600

Debbi Vafides and her sons Niko and Jake

I’m trying to find Debbi Vafides and her sons Niko and Jake. Debbie e-mailed us just before evacuating, but we haven’t heard since. They live(d) in Mandeville, LA.

Jo-Ann Parks

Room available/single parent or elderly man or woman, possibly couple

I dont have any money to spare but i do have some space. I live in Jonesboro Georgia with my fiance and my 15 yr old son, the extra room eventually will be for a baby (im due in Dec but will have baby in with us in our room for first few mths)

I welcome maybe a single parent or elderly man or woman, possibly couple.

Plz respond to

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Frankie McCuller & Gwendolyn McCuller

Hi my name is Mary and looking for my sister and brother there names are Frankie McCuller & Gwendolyn McCuller

Please help me.

Alison Brown James and her husband Mark C.

Please help me contact Alison Brown James and her husband Mark C.
They have four lovely small boys boys. They live at 265 Glenwood Dr. Metairie La.
If anyone has had any contact. please let me know...I want to help. Evelyn

Charlie Edson

Thank you for this website..just minutes after i sent you an email on Charlie Edson he contacted someone in the family.

Thank you again.Tonya

My friend is alive and well!


Traci Cramer & her family are alive & safe!

I am so relieved and thanks for your wonderful site. I finally got the news @ midnight on Sept. 7, 2005 that they're all doing fine. I continue to pray for all those that have lost everything or loved ones - may God be with you all in this time of sorrow and saddness.

Sending my heartfelt love out to all. God Bless
Michelle - Vermont - USA

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

We have found our loved ones!

Charles M. Harris of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

My son Larry and I have lost touch with Charles M. Harris of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. We would appreciate any word about his stepson Shay, stepdaughters Shena and Josha, and his children. Last known location was 3501 River Road.

Call us care 1-800-635-4907 8:30AM to 5PM PST
The Porters

Leo Lauricella & 2 children

Leo Lauricella & 2 children
2220 Stay Park Ln
Saint Bernard, LA 70085-4940
(504) 682 - 8085

Denise M. & James D. Hebert

I' m looking for: Denise M. & James D. Hebert, Jr. 2476 Woodmere Blvd. Harvey, LA 70058

Denise L. Freeman
804.225.3350 ext. 310


Seeking contact info for Inauquan, husband Daniel Jorgensen, daughter Autumn Fawn and her daughter.
Former residents of Warrington Drive, New Orleans.

Contact Hallie @ (510) 225-8089. Also looking are Elena R. and Carla A.
Patricia Patterson.....Bogalusa La
Elaine Williams......Bogalusa La

John Rock got in touch with friends!

Thank You so much. My friend, John Rock got in touch with me on yesterday. He and mother is ok. GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU!
Mary Simmons

Aunt Barbara contacted family members!

My Aunt Barbara finally for power today and got in touch with us. We are so happy she is OK.
The Lord and angels were watching after her.

Thanks a million,
Sharon Wilson

Monday, September 05, 2005

wayne (peanut) paul
jeanae/jeanette/jenell hall (not sure of first name)
willie dunn

your famiy in san diego is looking for you. please call 619-823-2695 or send email to

Mary Ann and Paul Thibodeaux

MaryAnn and Paul Thibodeaux of Chalmette,La. Please call Marty @ 425 778-3511. We are really worried.

John "Teddy" & Mary Holly Finch

My uncle and his wife live at Glen Brook Court, Carrierre, Mississippi. John "Teddy" & Mary Holly Finch. If you can help me with any information, Please call or email me.

Jan Alexander from Biloxi MS

Looking for Jan Alexander from Biloxi Mississippi, any news call Janice Doss at 409-684-3585 or send email to! Please call or email me Jan I am frantic to know where you are and that you are doing good.

Victoria Franklin of Gautier MS

We are looking for Victoria Franklin of Gautier Ms, she is a friend of mine and I haven't been able to reach her.

Alberta Bachman

Wynette McConnell from Pearl River

I am missing a dear friend Wynette McConnell from Pearl River. If anyone knows please be kind enough to let me know as soon as possible. Missing you madly Nette.

My email is

Dinette family

My Aunt Uncle and Cousins

Rodney L. Dinette, Sr.
Rodney Dinette, Jr.
Geraldine Yeager Dinette
Brandy Lynn Dinette


My name is Karen Kunawicz. I live in Manila and I'm wondering if JUDY BURKEY who runs the YELLOW DOOR on Gen. Pershing St. is alright. DAVID PIQUET, please get in touch we me if you can. Are you both being looked after? My e-mail addresses are:

David Kleckner and Pat Hemphill

David Kleckner, of Gulfport........His sister, Pat Hemphill, of Bristol, Ind hasn't heard from him in over a week.........Also, his daughter..............

Bobby and Bill Ladnie

Bobby and Bill Ladnier 624 Ridge Road Perkinston, MS 39573 (601)928-3596
Tried calling them since last Tuesday can not get through.

Vicki Bowen(301)942-4874

D’vonne “Non” Casadaban

We are looking for our beloved D’vonne “Non” Casadaban from Covington, LA. Please call if you have any information about our cousin – 503 636-2623. She is on oxygen 24/7 and we all are very worried for her. Tracy and John Schilling, West Linn, Oregon

Traci Cramer

My best friend Traci Cramer who lives @ 27192 Tag-A-Long Road in Lacombe, LA with her son Cayden and her boyfriend C.J. (I'm unsure of C.J.'s last name)Traci is like the sister I've never had and I am missing her terribly. I need to know if anyone knows if she and her family are safe. If anyone knows their whereabouts please email me - or call 1-802-578-1243 or 1-802-316-1744. Thank you and God bless you all. Traci I love you and I hope you're all safe. Michelle - Vermont

Ed and Kristin Haessler & Esma Irvine

Ed Haessler, Kristin Haessler & Esma Irvine

Contact Emily F. Haessler or 305 766-0864

John Krennerich

We are trying to find our friend, John Krennerich, who lives in Kenner, Louisiana (New Orleans). If anyone knows how John is, please contact us. We are very worried. Our phone is 570.333.4233. Thank you.

Debbie and Mike Balash

Bob, Carol and family

Please contact Ed & Martine in Maryland
Looking for Bob, Carol and family
Email me:


We are looking for ROGER CYR from GULFPORT, MS. He was managing a motel on 28th Street. My name is Stacey & his sister is Louise. We are from CT. PLEASE contact me @ oR 203-888-1363. I am trying to help Loiuse find her brother - he is about 73yrs old.

Stacey D. Seymour, CT

JUDY BURKEY who runs the YELLOW DOOR on Gen. Pershing St

My name is Karen Kunawicz. I live in Manila and I'm wondering if JUDY BURKEY who runs the YELLOW DOOR on Gen. Pershing St. is alright.

DAVID PIQUET, please get in touch we me if you can. Are you both being looked after?

My e-mail addresses are:

Margaret Gontar - FOUND!



Margaret Gontar.. was living in uptown area. please contact me @ 225-578-1971 work or 225-261-0509 home or email lots of people are worried about you.

Loyd and Mildred Aricer of Pascagoula, MS

I am looking for my cousin and his wife. Loyd and Mildred Aricer of Pascagoula, MS. They live on Hester St. Please e-mail me - Memaw 74@ Web TV.NET

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Juanita and Joseph Guillory

Looking for Juanita and Joseph Guillory. Juanita was in Chalmette General Hospital and Joseph was at St Margaret Daughter nursing home.

please contact me at dfduhon

Lem Spears, Gerald & Glenda Horst, Bob & Ruby McElveen

Thank you for doing this - our blood relatives are all fine and accounted for, but we are helping three families we are friends with search..

Lem Spears, chemo patient, was at home in Marrero before hurricane and not able to evacuate. Not heard from since.

Gerald and Glenda Horst of Harahan area - Sandy and Ginger are looking for you

Bob and Ruby McElveen of Hawk Drive in Slidell - Ginger and Sandy are looking for you. They are worried about Cathy, Alan and the babies, too.

Please contact your niece Dana Jeffcoat Seymour or email to with information.
I am searching lists and making calls for survivors. the following is a list of people I am currently seeking:

ja'dawn williams 19 years old from new orleans
jalonni williams 17 years old from new orleans
beverly williams from new orleans
tommy lee williams from new orleans
delta profit-bellensaw from new orleans

daisy tolliver from new orleans
george tolliver from new orleans
ronald kelly from new orleans
myra kelly from baton rouge

yves langston mays 10 year old boy
simone burell his mother

jarrod saunders 12 year old
lang trung nguyen his father

if these people are found in any condition, please contact me at email above or by phone: 727 797-0393 and I will contact their families..

bless you

The Jacksons, Angela L., Micheal T., Anisha & Michelle

Hello my name is Xavier Butler and I'm currently deployed in Iraq, but after I heard the news of the hurricane I tried to contact my sister and her husdand and my 2 nieces, but had no luck. Their names are: Angela L. Jackson , Micheal T. Jackson, and Anisha and Michelle Jackson. They were living in Jackson MS.

Thank you very much.

Spencer Folsom



EMAIL jonanski@webtv.netBLESS YOU

Nathan Michael Crispin

I am looking for my son Nathan Michael Crispin. He was in Harahan before the hurricane, has not been heard from since.

If someone knows he's whereabouts please email me :


My Brother Glenn Harper in Dallas Tx is looking for his friends MARTHA and RAY McGRAW last known address WOLF POINT RIDGE MOSSPOINT, MS.

Please email me at or my brother at or call 615-874-5299

The Warner family: Dorothy, Sharon, Major and Tommy Lee

My family lives in Biloxi mississippi . I have not been able to reach them since the hurricane. My sister in law and my niece and two nephews , Dorothy Warner, Sharon Warner, Major Warner and Tommy Lee Warner have lived on the Gulf coast for many years and I would really love to know if they are alive and well. My name is Martha Warner Rosinky.

Please if you can get any information on them please send an email to

Thank you.

Cynthia Marie Lawson

I am in search of a missing mother, Cynthia Marie Lawson. She is age43, African-American. Ht:5'4, Wt: 200 lbs. Last seen in the Layettearea of New Orleans, LA late Sunday night.

If anyone has anyinformation in reference to this woman, please contact Allyson Rainey404-396-8033 cell or Ebony Lawson 318-791-8932.
Aunt Dot Barras, Dewey, Cindy & Danny Bruce, 605 Hooter Road, Bridge City, LA
Aunt Wydell Beardsley & Joanne Guillert & Family, 10617 Carthage Street, River Ridge, LA
Harry & Peggy Thibodeaux, 8613 Crocket, River Ridge, LA
Donna & Michael Bostick, 6601 Camphor Street, Metarie, LA
Cathy & Scott Roux, 112 Herman Street, Waggaman, LA
Debbie, David, Tara & Christian Garic
Jean Hollingsworth, 2912 Claire Ave, Gretna, LA
Carol & Jimmie King, 153 Carol King Road, Menden Hall, MS
Barbara Jo McCool, 1304 St. Joseph Circle, Greenville, MS Jean Kathmann & Cindy Reynolds
Mechelle & Ceria Kathmann, 657 Carnation Street, #1, Slidell, LA

Rechelle & Mark Gardner,73 Cecil Smith Rd, Carriere, MS
Sherry & Ray Tromatore, 71283 Dundee Street, Abita Springs, LA
Louis Kathmann, Jr. & Theresa Kathmann, 2916 Homer Blvd, Metairie, LA
Kenny & Fay Hahn, 4712 Hackenberry Drive, Jefferson, LA

If anyone has any information please contact me at 954-425-2106 or email -
I am worried sick. I pray everyone is safe and well. I can't seem to reach anyone by phone and I understand why.... but if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks -- Rachelle Hollingsworth Brannen - Deerfield Beach, FL

Billy & Autum Amey and 5 children

We are looking for Billy & Autum Amey and 5 children from Saucier Mississippi. If anyone has any information or can have them contact us PLEASE do so. We are very worried.
Please e-mail us at or call 501-730-8673.

Iona Hilbert

I am looking for the following two people:
Iona Hilbert Age: 65 -70 Resided at: Felicity St, New Orleans, LA
Albertina Brumfield Marshall (mint)Age: 78 - 83 resided at: Apple Street, New Orleans, LA.

If anyone has any information in reference to this woman, please contact Allyson Rainey
404 396 8033 cell

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Rosalie Rabel was found!!!

Thank you for all your efforts and prayers. Rosalie Rabel was found this morning at Dallas' Convention Center. She was evacuated there by local enforcement. To all of you still missing loved ones, our prayers are with you.

God Bless our great country!

Franklin Monjarrez

Bernie & Marianne Sachs

Missing in New Orleans: Bernie & Marianne Sachs
Bernie - W/M, 5-10", 58 years, DOB 1-12-47

Harry Ohe - Bellingham, WA 98226Home: 360-647-0889
Cell: 360-420-3007

I know you're out there cousin..............come in please!

J. Christopher Brown and Mary Ellen Burns

I'm looking for my friends J. Christopher Brown and Mary Ellen Burns.
They left their home at 2227 Pine St, New Orleans, Sunday to stay at a hospital.
Any information would be appreciated.

Mary Merryman
San Francisco
Searching for the Heredia family from Van Cleave MS
Email any info to

Susan Merriott
Elm Grove, Louisiana
McKesson Medication Management Employees
We’re looking for you and want to help. Call anytime 24/7.

Toll free 1-877-806-7888
Corporate 763-354-1200
EAP 1-866-615-8700

Kimberly Marshall Administrative Assistant

McKesson Medication Management
Office: 763.354.1255 or 877-806-7888, ext 1255
Please contact Tracy and John Schilling, West Linn, Oregon if you have any information about D’VONNE ESTABROOK from Louisiana.

Please email to or Our phone number is
503 636-2623.

Tracy Schilling
I am searching for my daughter: Peggy Lewis Birthday 4-4-55,
Last address 3716 Downman #17 New Orleans

I am Lonnie Lewis Rt. 2, Box 73 Bronson, Tx. 75930
Phone: (409)787-2526

Thank you,
Lonnie Lewis

Michelle Tademy

My mother, Michelle Tademy, is missing from New Orleans. 61yrs old, has long straight blond hair, works at café du monde.
Any info, please call 206-499-9677 or 206-772-5649 or 360-289-0199 or 360-532-5560

thank you.
krissy in seattle

Don't forget the misplaced pets

Remember the pets! Contact your local humane society about donating food for the dogs, cats, and other pets.
Karen Anne (Kaye) Dawson, sister
Cooper Dawson, nephew
Dixie Dawson, niece
Lee Dawson, nephew

Mississippi coast
Looking for Devin Legaux, son of Linda Legaux. His mother, brothers and the rest of his family are worried sick. He (or anyone) can contact us at 504-812-1597, 318-352-7960.

Text message, email, anything.
Thank you for your help.

Tiger Lily
Any news of Regina (Gina) Macedo. Brazilian, the last time I heard of her she was living in Canal St.

Send instant messages to your online friends

Rosalie C Rabel

My sons second grade teacher's mother hasnt been heard from since the New Orleans Katrina storm.
Her name is: Rosalie C Rabel
White Hispanic 81 years old
2110 Royal St Apt. 719
New Orleans, La

Please contact me via this email or at 305-262-1380

Franklin Monjarrez

Miami, FL
Missing friend Teresa (Johnson) Jackson , daughter -Shelby (5 yrs. old) , father- Ducjk Johnson , mother-Norma Johnson, sister-Crystal 9506 Pringle Ave. D'Iberville , MS. 39540
Last spoke to Teresa Monday 8 a.m. .

Any information please contact Cathy Ray Indpls. In. (317)363-4782.

Nuncio family of Slidell

Nuncio family of Slidell.
Looking for: Salvaggio family - Rodney, Chip, Richie, and Tina Salvaggio.

Thank you for your help in locating all our families.
Robert Bennen of Shaw Ave. New Orleans , LA 70127 and Charlene & Robert Bowser of Pointe A LaHache, LA 70082 & Darlene & George Fust last known home as Mandeville, LA .....Please, any info to my mom at 386-388-2246 or email me at it would help just to know they are alive and where they are would be Great! Bless you for your help !!

Cat Brooks

Mr Robert and Mrs Phyllis BLACKBURN

I am desperately trying to find friends of mine in Biloxi who appear to be missing after Katrina

Mr Robert and Mrs Phyllis BLACKBURN
2483 Provence Place
Biloxi MS

Can you please help?
Clive and Margaret Mayo
Perth Western Australia
Tel: +61 8 94015111

Searching for Barbara Benedetto, missing from her home in Metrairie, LA.

Many of us are searching -Tim, Mary, Cate, Cindy, and many, many others.

Please contact:Cate ( Cindy (
To the Peters Family: Mr. Peters, Lenny, Craig and Nadine of St. Tammany Parish, LA.
Hope you are all fine. This is Linda Wood-Goldman from New Jersey. Please call 973-743-1765 if you need anything. I have spoken to Diane twice this week. You're in our prayers.

Looking for Lydia Meany on Bissonet Dr. in Metarie.
Looking for Karen and Michael Landry in Gretna.
Looking for Gloria and Carlos Rodriguez on Herald St. in Algiers.
Please contact Linda Davies at 254-780-1808 or 254-721-7239.
I am looking for REGINA FIORI FUJITA.
Any news would be welcome since her family in Genova, Italy is very worried and is trying to find out where they can reach her.

Thank you
Hilde Hoefnagels

Kuniko Hall

I am helping a Japanese friend trying to locate his niece, Kuniko Hall, who lives in Moss Point, MO.

She is not answering her phone or email. Anyone with information about Kuniko Hall or her family, please email

Thank you,
Tim Selander
Tokyo, Japan

Barbara Nell Danner

I have been trying to get in touch with my Aunt in Saucier, MS. Her house phone is working we think but can't get in touch with her due to her having a portable phone. She needs to plug in a regular phone for us to get in touch with her. We need to find out what she needs in the way of food, water, generator, etc. Her names is Barbara Nell Danner and her address is 23404 Old Hwy. 49, Saucier, MS 39574. Phone # 228-932-0707. We love you and want to help you.

Kem, Jana, Sharon, Aunt Pat & Aunt Ponkieour
email wilsharon36784@hotmail.comp
phone # 334-636-0353

Looking for Gloria Chapman and Jenell Marshall. They live in New Orleans.

Gloria Chapman female.
Age Between the age of 50 or 60.
Diabetic and requies insulin.
african american.

Jenell Marshall male.
age between 50 or 51.
african amercian.
I am looking for Napoleon Martinez,he is known to everybody as Joe. He lives in Covington,La. and we have been trying to call him on his cell phone but i just get a recording and for me to try my call later. I just want to know that he is okay. His brother has been trying to get in touch in with him but he gets the same recording we are all worried about him not knowing anything about him.
thank you
I am looking for my family:
my parents--Alfred & Jackie Zelasko of Pascagoula, Ms--they live on Burroughs Ave
bother--Marc Zelasko, and his wife Carolyn & their two sons Cristopher and Dylan
of Gulport, Ms--they live on Canal Street
I have not heard from any of them since the day before Katrina hit Louisiana.

If anyone has word of them please contact me at
Brenda and Dennis Dugas from Mandeville, LA Angela and Nicholas Engolia from Slidell, LA Jamie Pollard and Cathy Pollard from New Orleans.

Please contact your family in SC and NY

Call Jim Hickman at 843 327 8392 or e-mail at
Missing Friend: John Rock and Family of New Orleans, La.
Call Mary Simmons @ 510-367-3853

Friday, September 02, 2005

Naomi R. Hoffman

Searching for Naomi R. Hoffman. Last known shelter, Carrolton Apartments, mid-city, New Orleans, LA. Please send information to
Are desperately searching for our friends Janie and Walter Grimes. They lived on E. Birch Drive in Gulfport. They have been our friends for over 40 years. Janie and Walter also had two of their three children living in Gulfport. Frankie and Casey, and Janie's sister Betty and their mother.

Anyone with information please contact

We are praying that they made it out. To all those who have lost or are missing friends or relatives our prayers are with you.

Linda and Ron Flick - Alexandria Virginia
Anjali (Bia) Jones apparently missing. Age approx 50.
Lived in Gulfport, Mississippi at 1714 33rd.Ave. Has anyone seen Anjali? Also at the same address was Michael and Tonya Sullivan...Hope to hear good news.
call 334 569 3161.

Roger and Ruth Levandowski

Trying to find out about my Aunt and Uncle, Roger and Ruth Levandowski. Living in Biloxi, MS. I think the address is 6456 A Street. He is retired Air Force.

Contact me at

Valleck & Bertlot families

Looking for the Valleck & Bertlot families from New Orleans, LA Hammond LA. Mama Rose, Uncle Teri or Mary & O. J. If your see this or if anyone who knows if they are safe please contact Angel at 256-776-8435 or 256 -851-2502 or Theresa at 256 -513-2596.


Vanessa Gild

My friend Vanessa Gild lives in New Orleans - am trying to locate her to make sure she is safe.

Please contact me Vanessa.

Love you

Francis Shambra, Lorrane Burke, Schwarz Family

This is the SHAMBRA family who are looking for the sisters in New Orleans as well as Carriery, MS.

Their names are: FRANCIS SHAMBRA( 80'S) --pre "Katrina" was at either the Methodist Hospital. in New Orleans or at the East Lake Hospital also in NO. They moved them around.

LORRANE BURKE her sister who lived at 4487 Demontluzin St. (Gentilly) New Orleans, LA

MARGARET (sister), Raymond, Ray and David Schwarz...Carriery, MS.

We have reached all the rest of the family in NO and MS but fear the worse for the sisters since they are elderly. Please help us!

Thank you and god bless,
The Shambra Family

George and Gloria White from New Orleans

I'm looking for George and Gloria White, from New Orleans. They are elderly and said they were heading to Hunstville, Ala. to escape Katrina.

Please email if you know where they might be.

Thanks very much.

Sandy Carlton, Biloxi, MS

Looking for a beloved family memeber missing in Biloxi, MS from hurricane Katrina.

If you know of or heard of Sandy Carlton -- her family is anxiously waiting to hear from her.

Have her contact her family ASAP or email me directly at

thank you

Preston Jeanjaques of Slidell LA

Looking for Preston Jeanjaques of Slidell LA. Please contact me if you hear of any news.

I am praying for all who are looking for loved ones in the Gulf.

Angela in Los Angeles
I am trying to help a friend locate his family so he can get to them the names are...
Cassonda Tucker
Ayana Martin
Albert Bryant


Jan and Gerry Linam of Slidell also Pat & Sean Ricks

L0oking for Jan and Gerry Linam of Slidell also Pat & Sean Ricks and the rest of their sisters and families from new orleans.

Please get in touch if you know of their whereabouts.

Thanks in anticipation,
Anne Black
Edinburgh, Scotland

Diane Dodt Gauthier and Olga Fox

Diane Dodt Gauthier and Olga Fox are my aunt and cousin and are in Cottonport LA, but I cannot get a line to call them.

PLEASE let them know they can come stay with me in Atlanta. E-mail me at or call 770-962-9518.
Susie Fox Dyck

Catania and Medina families

Diane Catania, Benny Catania, Edwin Medina, and Brandy Medina.
Please call Marian Farson (775) 727-9744. We are really worried about you.

McClain and Mordgren families of Baton Rouge, Ponchotoula New Orleans

My mother (in Kentucky) myself(in Tennessee) looking for family members in Baton Rouge, Ponchotoula, New Orleans.
Some of the names, Randy, Sherman & , Scott McClain and also Lori Mordgren.

Please Please Please, Get this out there!
My Phone # 423-727-7984
Thanks So Much & God Bless

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Etta Mae Thompson, Biggs Family, Vanessa Thompson

We are currently looking for Etta Mae Thompson last seen in the Singing River Nursing Home in Pasagoula Mississippi, also anyone of the Biggs Family in Mosspoint Mississippi, also Vanessa Thompson of Mosspoint.

Please contact us! Dorothy or Robert Biggs @ 323-758-2030 or e-mail at any information would be greatly appreciated.
We have been unable to reach anyone and as you may know both areas were severely hit.

Thank you so very,veryy much

The The Biggs family in Los Angeles

Found Safe!

YEAH! All are safe and fine they lived close to the back bay in Biloxi, MS. They have been found ..

Please stay strong for the rest of the missing . There is hope till you hear otherwise..

Elton Dailey and Tommy Bridges

Elton Dailey and Tommy Bridges are former employees of Randolph County EMS in Asheboro, NC. We are all very concerned about you two and would really like to help in any way possible.
Please contact us and let us know if you are okay.

Pattie and the rest of the crew at REMS

Janet & Al Byr, Mellissa, Jackie, and John Jacob

We are waiting to hear anything about Janet and Al Byr, and Mellissa, Jackie and 11 month old John Jacob they live at 2282Walden Court Biloxi, MS.

Any info please call Nancy Williams 727-397-4453
Sister/Aunt of the missing

Jean, Sylvia and Wanda

Jean Offutt Hiram Satterfield, Sylvia Faulkner, Wanda - PLEASE let someone know you guys are OK.. everyone in AL and NC are concerned.

Paul Lewis, Terrell Lewis, William-Maggie-Thomas (Lewis). and Jessica Barns

Looking for family memebers in POPLARVILLE Mississippi.
Paul Lewis, Terrell Lewis, William-Maggie-Thomas (Lewis). and Jessica Barns in Biloxi.
please contact Velma or Ron at 253-896-0932 or email

Ralph Marchitto

Need to know if Ralph Marchitto of Ocean Springs, Mississippi is okay and if his house is still standing.

Noel Conley and his wife, Cozette

I would like to hear if my father Noel Conley and his wife, Cozette from West Monroe, LA are safe. Unfortunately, I have not been in contact with him for too many years. All I know is that he has lived there in West Monroe since the late seventies, and he used to work at the Olinkraft paper mill. He was born on Aug. 3, 1935. Please contact me at this email address if you can find any word on him. Thank you with all my heart!!! I hope the name of the mill is correct--- it's been so long, and my memory may be faulty.

Sandi K. Spegal in Jackson, TN

We have located him!

We've located him, he is alive as of 8:37AM yesterday .
Keep up the good work, and God Bless.

F. David Brennan

We are looking for F. (Frances) David Brennan. David is around 70 years old, has some health issues including a bad back that is aggravated by walking and standing for long periods. David was a mime in the streets of New Orleans, but is retired now.
I can be reached at:
Denise Doroba

Penny Lines

Theodore Hendricks And June Schoennagel

Looking for Theodore Hendricks and June Schoennagel of Slidell, Loisianna. Please contact Beverly Stutts at 813-984-0544. Timmy Hendricks is looking for you.

Contact Beverly so she can notify your relatives or anyone with any kind of information on these two missing people.

Helping to find friends and family seperated by hurricane Katrina

This board was created as a central site to post friends and family missing since Hurricane Katrina devastated Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans and other areas. I do not verify the authenticity of the information listed in any way. I hope no one abuses the site and hope that the information is valid from concerned friends and family.

Please email with any questions or concerns.

Second family reunited with their loved one!!!

My mother called me 10 minutes ago to say she and my brother were rescued off the roof of my brother's house by the Coast Guard. They are housed less than a mile away on the river and have been able to walk on land. This is in Arabi, LA. This area flooded early on I'm sure from the breached levee on the Industrial Canal which is just a few miles up from where my brother lives; she said the water rose quickly. They broke a hole in the roof and were rescued from there....KB

Frances Thomas and Richard Boone

I am looking for friends in Biloxi, Mississippi. I've tried to e-mail them, with no luck. Frances Thomas and Richard Boone both work at Isle Corp Travel Agent. Their e-mail address is

If there is anything I can do here in Brooklyn, New York please feel free to contact me. I can make calls to anyone who is trying to reach someone here. God is with us, we just have to have some faith and stick together.

John Scott Beith

Looking for the whereabouts of John Scott Beith. John is a civilian employee of Dept. of the Navy currently assigned to NCBC Gulfport. John is a Detective working with the CB Detatchment.


Amy Propper - 4 months pregnant

Sierra Amy Propper, 23 years old, white female, blonde hair, blue eyes.
4 months pregnant. Husband's name is David Duhon.

222 surf st
Waveland Ms 39576

Please contact
Derrick Propper, her father

Mark Passafume and Gloria Passafume

Mark Passafume and Gloria Passafume (brother and mother) were at 1943 Rose St. in Arabi, LA (St. BernardParish), and I have not talked to them since Sunday night. That neighborhood flooded early on due to the levee breech in the Industrial Canal. There was a boat available, but if the water rose quickly, they might not have been able to make use of it. Other relatives further down in Meraux were rescued yesterday off their rooftop, so I'm thinking if Gloria and Mark were rescued it would maybe have been Monday or Tuesday.

Any help with our search is appreciated.

Many thanks.....Kate Benas 607-592-1834

A family has been reunited!

I am proud to announce that the missing family from Picayune contacted their loved one.

Need to find . . .

Paul Harter 1910 Southern Ave Biloxi
Ben Adkins Georgia Place Gulfport
Lottie Evans 7504 Hammond Diberville
Ralph Matina Tulip St. Biloxi
Jill Leggert Address unknown
Joey Krantz Arcadia
Ray Hershberger Address unknown
Jo Anne Glidden North Haven Dr.

Please email any info to

Looking for Ronald & Doris Bowser

Looking for Ronald & Doris Bowser from New Orleans.
If found, they should call Judy Johnson collect at 703 960-3397.

Looking for my mother, Audrey Betpeouy Boly

I am missing my Mother, Audrey Betpeouy Boly who was living on 5401 Pratt Drive, New Orleans.

Please call me with any information that can help me. 713-416-4973, 713-975-7369 or email me at

Please, she has a dog named Pepe. I last talked to her on Monday 8/29/05 at 8:00 a.m.

Thank you for any and all help!

Jennifer, Paul, and Adrian Gusting

Looking forJennifer, Paul, and Adrian Gusting. Their address is: 7725 Benjamin St. New Orleans 70118

Email with information.

Looking for last names Meggs, Keys, Hammond

Looking for Warren Meggs, Shawn Keys, Christina M. Keys, Sweetie Keys, Doretta Hammond, Lisa Hammond...This is your daughter and cousin, Cynthia

email me @ BLAC94605@YAHOO.COM or call me

Looking for Jennifer Gomez

I am looking for Jennifer Gomez, 29, of New Orleans area. Last I heard she was living in Kenner or Metairie. She works as a bartender/waitress, at one point at a Holiday Inn. She is originally from PR. She is my best friend, please help me find her!

Maria in Miami 305 389 3298

Message for MIKE & PAM BOYET

MIKE & PAM BOYET: want to give a message to David & Jennifer DO NOT COME BACK until they say to. When you do come back, bring generator, fans, extension cords, and EMPTYgas cans.

The situation is bad. They will try to call.

To reach their friend in Atlanta who they can sometimes make it through to call, e-mail or call Emily. 404-840-4653