Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mary Capps and Alda Talley are looking for Nicky

Mary Capps & Alda Talley can't locate their friend Nicky, who had a girlfriend, Virginia, in a NO hospital when the hurricane hit. Last heard she was headed toward Baton Rouge.

Please call or e-mail me, Mary's niece, if you know Nicky or Virginia. (I'm afraid the phone cut out before I could get their last names) Mary & Alda are concerned about both and want to let Niky know that they are safe and everyone in the family in Moss Pointe are okay.

Thank you!

Looking for Ronald K. Schoolcraft, Louisiana

If you have any information about Ronald L. Schoolcraft please email

Shane and Crystal Holt

Missing family in Picayune. Shane & Crystal Holt please contact me at
or 817-475-7941

Robert Calhoun Hobbs of Gulfport

We are currently seeking any information on the status of a Robert Calhoun Hobbs of the 800 block of Woodward in Gulfport.

We live in Saint Louis MO and are quite concerned. We were told he planned to stay home thru the storm but he knew of a nearby shelter.

Tom Hobbs

Message to Sharon or Leslie from Rick with St. Tammany law enforcement

SHARON OR LESLIE: want to give a message from Rick, with St. Tammany law enforcement DO NOT COME BACK until Rick says so. Go to Rick's sister's house. When you do come back, bring generator, fans, extension cords, and EMPTYgas cans.

The situation is bad. They will try to call. To reach Mike & Pam's friend in Atlanta who they can sometimes make it through to call, e-mail or call emily.


Alison is looking for her father, Donald Robinson

If you have any information on Donald Robinson please let me know

From Alice Hubbard: Looking for names Janusa, Franklin

I am looking for my cousins and aunt in Louisiana. Debbie Janusa and her son Ryan Janusa or Eileen Franklin and Bobby Franklin or Jessica Franklin. If anyone out there knows if they are ok please email me and let me know something. I know that Debbie Janusa is engaged to a man named Curtis but don't remember the last name, he works on an oil rig out in the gulf. Debbie lives in Destrehan and Eileen lives in Jefferson on Hackberry Drive.

Please email me at the address below or

I truly would love to hear anything about either of them.

Anne Hubbard

From Rene' Hamilton looking for names Spearman, Andeson, Gauthier

Emily Spearman, Lafayette, LA Erwin Dexter Spearman, Lafayette or New Orleans, LA Irene Anderson (Johnnie), Baton Rouge, LA Leon & Vivian Gautier, Medez St., New Orleans, LA Edmund, Delores & Denise Gautier, St. Anthony St., New Orleans

Contact Rene' Hamilton in California. 510.415.0709 or email

We want to know if you are alright?